Who is ahead?

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The festive atmosphere of upcoming Municipality election in Cox’s Bazar is everywhere, the voters and the people of the entire district stormed over the tea cups and expressed their views and opinions on this eagerly waited election.

The contest mainly focused on ruling party vs independent candidate Or symbol ‘boat’ vs symbol ‘coconut tree ‘ Or Mahabubur Rahman Mabu vs Mashedul Haque Rashed.

There are more than 95 thousands voters in Cox’s Bazar municipality , they will decide to caste their votes on June 12 to crown the administrator of Municipality which brought an incredible attention of the mass people already.

So far, the question so is , who is ahead of the upcoming election , who slightly edges over ?

Mahabubur Rahman Mabu has been experiencing to be involved himself in the Municipality for many years, he has been a running councillor at the moment who is running for the mayorship for first time ,
On the other hand , Mashedul Haque Rashed, is the son of former chairman of this Municipality, renowned Awamileage leader and freedom fighter Muzammel Haque Chowdury.

The two heavyweights candidates are running and contesting the poll so closely that ,no one can predict, who will win the race until the election day.

The other stalwart candidate Sarwar Kamal withdrew the candidateship in this election which paved the way for the both candidates to run their own shows.

The party backed Mahabubur Rahman Mabu is fighting with the independent candidate Mashedul Haque Rashed ,as a result ,the voters are uncertain , who is ahead at the moment in this contest.

This Municipality election gives no opportunities to the people to predict the results ,as, it is going to be one of the toughest elections in the history of Municipality of Cox’s Bazar.

The both runners of the poll have good reputations of pulling the voters in to their favourites, both are charismatic and energetic to attract the eligible voters regardless of age and classes.

The interesting battle is , both are Awamileage supporters and both believe in the ideology of ruling party.

The campaign and the publicity will drag the people in making the decisions at the end, that’s for sure.

It is believed that, as other parties are not participating in this election, so , their voters will defiantly caste their mandates against the ‘ boat’ symbol, so , in this equation , Rashed edges over Mabu slightly.

On the other hands , Mabu can use his workers along with the many Awamileage wings to work for him.

There are 12 wards , 43 polling centers that both candidates have to manage to win the poll.

Since then ,let the people to expect a free and fair election and wait to see who will be the Mayor of a highly eniticipated municipality election of 2023.