Md. Nezam Uddin, Chakaria:
In France, devout worshipers have rallied in Chakaria’s Dulahazara in Cox’s Bazar district to protest the state-sponsored display of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.
The protest procession and demonstration was held on Friday (October 30) at 2pm after the Holy Friday prayers. Protest processions were taken out from several mosques and religious institutions in Malumghat of Chakaria upazila.
The protest procession came to the Dulahazara Bazar premises along the Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar highway. A huge protest rally was held in the presence of thousands of worshipers on the ground adjacent to Dulahazara Bridge.
Speakers at the protest rally said the French government had displayed caricatures of Muhammad (Sm) under state police guard. It has hit the hearts of the Muslim world. Because Muslims love the Prophet (Sm) more than their lives. Muslims will never accept the insult of the Prophet.
At this time, the speakers demanded the government to close the French embassy in Bangladesh and file a case internationally. Otherwise, the devout worshipers warned to march. At the rally, France and its allies called on the countrymen to boycott the country’s products.