Press Release:

On 27th July 2021 a devastating landslide and flash flood damaged almost huge number of houses, trees and other infrastructure in almost 34 camps in Ukhiya and Teknaf. Mostly in Camp-10, many houses, trees and 6 deaths were recorded.
14 November 2021, YPSA (Young Power in Social Action), with the support of Solidar Suisse, has initiated the plantation of 3500 trees in camp-10 which was earnestly requested by the Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commissioner (RRRC). For the prevention of huge landslide, bring back the ecosystem and to balance the change of climate, RRRC fully cooperated through CiC office of Camp 10 for this tree plantation.
Respected Assistant Camp in Charge Mr. Haricharon Chowdhury, Deputy Secretary kindly inaugurated the tree plantation ceremony at camp 10 where Solidar Suisse Country Director Mr. Mohammad Amanullah was present. The Assistant Director and Head of the Rohingya Response Program of YPSA Mr. Mohammed Shahidull Islam, Mr. Bijoy Biswas, Livelihood Coordinator of Solidar Suisse, Mr. Jishu Barua, Ms. Faria Afreen Anayanan, Mr. Mostaq Ahmed, Project Coordinator of YPSA and of respective project staff and volunteers were present there. Note that thirteen different species of samplings were officially handed over to the respected ACiC by the Country Director of Solidar Suisse for the plantation at the damaged hills of the Camp 10. In the inauguration session Mr. Haricharan Chydhury showed his high satisfaction appreciating this initiative. He strongly recommended to consider the same initiative with larger number of tree plantation at camp 9 where fire burnt a lot of trees on 22nd March 2021 massively. Necessity of tree plantation in camp-9 is high which will help recovering the damage of trees and balancing of ecosystem as well as the environment of the camp in Cox’s Bazar.
For the plantation of these 3500 saplings, YPSA and Solidar Suisse involved 100 refugees with the support of the CiC, Site Management and Majhis in the camp. To take proper care for the sustainability of the saplings, 10 refugee Volunteers are given the responsibility with the leadership of Head Majhi for next several months for regular taking care, watering etc to ensure the sustainability. Besides, CiC office will oversee this monitoring the regular task (taking care) of the volunteers with the support of the project staff accordingly.
This great initiative will be very helpful for the echo system filling the gaps with green saplings at the damaged hills in the camp which is already highly appreciated by the camp authority.