We and Society

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N. H. Bulbul


It’s known to everyone that human beings live in an environment. The environment where they live in consists of animals, trees and other natural objects. Human beings develop a relationship with their surrounding and it’s called, in civilized form, society.

As we are an important part of environment, later on the main part of society, we have numerous things to do or not to do. We have a lot of responsibilities to our society and its men besides own. The people living in our society are not equal to economic level. Some are rich, some are poor or impoverished. As a result there is a difference in social status, in power and in lifestyle or their living. But we possess same blood, two eyes, two hands, two legs, one head and same so on. So why we can’t build a society without disparity?

According to Motaher Hossain Chowdhury, the prominent literary figure of Bengal, human beings should acquire Nymphomaniacs; not only so called education. Without having Nymphomaniacs, we cannot feel for others, cannot feel the sufferings of the poor, cannot overall do something for the helpless people living around us.

In this self-centered age, various socio-cultural organizations, have been working as volunteers all over the county, can play an active role to reduce the inequality of society. The organizations need to make certain plans to do social works. Then they should make successful their humanitarian activities. For this, the members of an organization should not be greedy, should not be jealous, should not be critic, should not be viper. Rather they should be industrious, a man of good thoughts, well-wisher of any good deed, supporter of any humanitarian work done or taken by other organization, if possible, he should work with other organizations to make the mission successful. It’s often seen in some areas that the person of an organization feels jealousy when another organization does some effective works to change the lot of helpless people. He can never be called a truly humanist or volunteer. He is just like a so called showing off social activist and such kind of activist harmful for a society.

After all, everyone should be aware of his duties and responsibilities to his society and its people to lead a happy & equal life. At least we must do one good work in a day to change our society, otherwise we will be guilty as human beings, the best creation of Almighty.


Nurul Hoque Bulbul ,Poet & Writer. Assistant Teacher (English) Kharulia High School.