Md. Alamgir Chowdhury, CBN:

Military presence has been increased near border for internal security. Myanmar has claimed during a flag meeting with Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) on Friday afternoon.After meeting in the press conference at 5pm, 34 BGB’s Lt Colonel Manjurul Hassan Khan said” Myanmar deployed army near the border with heavy artillery for internal security.”


Earlier,A Flag meeting was held between Bangladesh (BGB) and Myanmar(BGP) at Ghundhum border of Naikkangchari upazila in Bandarban at 3pm today(02/03/2018). Monjurul Hassan Khan said, “At the meeting explanation was demanded regarding military presence and firing but they denied the incident of firing.The issue of the troop buildup was termed as regular patrol.At same time, The Myanmar has assured to take back of Rohingyas who were staying in the zero-point of the border.They also discussed about smuggling and keep friendly environment in border area.He added.


The Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) protested against the deployment of additional troops at Myanmar border on Thursday.In the meantime, the BGB called for a flag meeting on behalf of Bangladesh.Later, the Foreign Ministry of Bangladesh called on the Ambassador of Myanmar and asked for its reason. At the same time, he was warned of negative impact of such behavior on the bilateral relation.


On the otherhand, BGP had opened fire from Myanmar area at Tumbro border No Man’s land, near opposite of the Rohingya Camps on Thursday night but no casualties over there. Since then, An unstable situation is prevailing in the border areas. Apart from this, the shooting on the Rohingyas, throwing stone and bottles are unabated. As a result, Rohingyas are in a panic. Myanmar army has strengthened their position at the border for last few days during the bilateral meeting to take back Rohingyas from Bangladesh.They are preventing Rohingyas to go back their motherland who are staying at No man’s land.Around 7 lakh Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh to save their life from the brutality of Myanmar army  since 25th August 2017.The government of Bangladesh is trying to send back Rohingyas through bilateral discussion and  sought the help of international community in order to get rid of this situation as soon as possible.