CBN wishes Eid Mubarak to all

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The glorious month of self restrain and self analysis Ramadan bid us a adieu.  The month which  taught us to differentiate what  is right and what is wrong for us left us by advising us to resume our normal life again.    It prohibited us not to do  all the wrongdoings which are sins  in the eye of Islam.
Ramadan is followed by joyous Eid for the Muslims across the world.

Likewise CBN, coxsbazar news, the most popular and the most read online portal of the tourism city Coxsbazar wishes  happy Eid Mubarak to all its readers, wellwishers,
Advertisers and facebook page followers regardless of castes, religions and places.
Over the last few years CBN, the first ever online news portal of the city has been one of the main options to go through for the latest and breaking news.

CBN has kept its efforts to be continued to keep the people and entire community informed and attached with the massive events from the home and abroad.
CBN also preferred to update  the news and kept the circumstances get moving with its news as soon as it emerged to its hive from sundry reliable sources.

Before we wish our valued readers, we would like to remind you that, all through the month of Ramadan CBN published news related to  practising religion , health benefits of fasting month,  praying time, ifter and sehri time along with common news that helped the worshippers some great time to have a significant Ramadan in this year.

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We tried our best to keep in touch  with you all the way long and we kept our efforts to serve you with the best way we can despite facing many difficulties in some contents. After all finally our joys know no bounds when we find our respected readers with us, clicking our news, searching through our pages and liking our post that we share on the Facebook for the  greater benefits.
We hope this Eid  will bring you enormous happiness, this Eid  will give you a tremendous satisfaction, this Eid will engage you to bond a cordial combination among your near and dear ones.
Our chief  editor sacrifices his time,he works hard round the clock  to update  the news everyday all the year.
Happy Eid Mubarak to all of you.