Md. Tauhedul Islam Rafi : UNHCR has said that there is a deficit of about half a billion dollars in the fund that is needed for the Rohingyas. Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh will need 1 billion dollars of assistance this year. But less than half of it has been raised. – Al Jazeera, UNNews, Radio Free Asia
The UN refugee agency UNHCR said they are planning a large donor conference next week. This online program will be held on 22 October. UNHCR thinks this will decrease funding. United Nations High Commissioner on Refugee Affairs Philippo Grandi said the way to express solidarity with the Rohingya people is to ensure their fundamental needs. Like everyone, refugees have the right to live with respect. They also reserve the right to build a safe and stable future. I’m going to be a
Currently 8 lakh 60 thousand Rohingyas are living in Cox’s Bazar. This is the largest refugee settlement in the world. Beyond this, there are more than one and a half lakh Rohingyas in some countries including Malaysia, Indonesia. And there are 6 lakhs in Myanmar. Large portion of them have to live in refugee camps. That means Bangladesh has given shelter to most of the whole race.