Coxsbazar : my home , my love

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Ahmed Saikat

I was born in the village of Palakata a distant corner village of Cox’s bazaar sadar uapzila and educated in two prestigious local school and colleges. For higher studies I came to Chittagong University and got to recall many nostalgic stories and people I left behind. The members of Cox’s bazaar literary academy especially Prof Mustaque Ahmed, Ruhul Quader Babul, Nurul Islam , Engr. Badiul Alam these people are always in my memories. Once Ahmed safa , a renowned writer in post-liberation period in Bangladesh visited the the academy and I learned these from Mustaque Ahmed. He too introduced me with Poet Muhammad Nurul huda and Dr Salimullah Khan,two great scholars from our hometown. I also got to know as a graduate student of Chittagong University about Late Malik Sobhan, a bright ex-student of Chittagong University who wrote “Cox’s bazaar sorit kush” on the life of prominent people of this land. I know all these people have great love, respect and affection for their home land. When I was in college, I attended ‘Darianagar poetry fair’ organized by Bangladesh writers’ club and most importantly poet Huda. He is a dreamer indeed. I came to know about him later on since I was a child because he is also a man of Eidgah, my native home. To be honest, we have many great people in all their respective fields, especially in literature and politics. Despite being a part of many negativities like drug, roginya crisis and many more , the mainstream people of Cox’s bazaar are greatly hopeful about a bright future. The resources and the wealth of Cox’s bazaar are much appreciated by the people of this land. I indeed proposed to build a wall in and around Cox’s bazaar sea beach and collect at least a small, neglible amount of visit fees from the visitors. We already have much wealth from the sea beach and hotels but for the greater good of the entire locality we must address how we can utilize the natural resources in our locality. Poet Huda gave a new name which is “Darianagar” (the city of ocean) to exclude colonial past as per as the name of Captain Hiram Cox is concerned. Frankly speaking it is such a wonderful concept but we are yet to implement it. We must be apolitical in terms of putting the collective interest of Cox’s bazaar as long as we have many great people from almost all the parties involved. It is great to note that a big number of people of Cox’s bazaar are really bringing these issues forward, such as– how can we jointly develop the infrastructure and properly utilize the god gifted resources here in this a land of opportunities. The sheer number of Cox’s bazaar loving people today is in a position of having to choose regarding the very upcoming future of this land as long as the literacy rate of our locality (around 35%) is known to us which must be upgraded for the greater of all of us concerned. As a youth who has graduated from a prestigious University of Bangladesh I once again look back to my home and love.
The author is a post graduate student of International Relations at the University of Chittagong.