correspondent, Ukhiya:
Government hill cutting festival is going on in Jaliapalong of Ukhiya upazila. The smuggling of soil continues day and night by managing the bit officer illegally. As a result, the environment is under threat. It is learned that a huge syndicate is threatening the environment by cutting down all the hills in Jummapara area of ​​Jaliapalong Union. Manzur Alam, son of Syed Hossain of the area, is playing an important role as the head of the syndicate.
Under his leadership, 10-15 dumpers are regularly smuggling soil day and night. As a result, the road used by the locals has become dilapidated.
According to the sources, Manzur Alam of Jaliapalong Union has continued to cut the hill by managing the bit officer. In the meantime, news has been published against Manzoor many times, but he has managed to cut the hill by managing the bit officer without caring about anything.
Although the Jalliapalong bit officer Arju was repeatedly contacted on the phone to know about this, it was not possible to speak as the phone was not received.
It can be seen on the ground that due to the cutting of government hills at Jummapara in Jaliapalong, the only road for hundreds of people in the area has become impassable.
Asked by Inani Range Officer Mir Ahmed, he said the Jaliapalong bit office had been instructed to stop cutting down the hill but they had failed to do so. Matikheko said legal action would be taken against Manzur.
It is learned that a huge syndicate led by Manzoor is active in cutting down hills in Jummapara area. The only demand of the people of the area is to take legal action by searching the property of Manzur who suddenly became a swollen finger.