Imran Al Mahmud, Ukhiya:
Various crimes including smuggling, sale and consumption of yaba are going on normally in Ukhiya. Behind the scenes there is a huge syndicate of new and old. Drug dealers have become active with the opportunity of transfer and busyness of administrative officials. It is known that there is a strong syndicate in Ukhia Upazila. They are playing an active role in drug trafficking including yaba in various ways. Rahmat Sharif of Sonarpara area was arrested along with four and a half thousand yaba in a raid by the Cox’s Bazar Narcotics Control Department on October 13. Although several smugglers have been arrested in various raids by law enforcement agencies at different times, the main godfathers are still out of reach. Yaba godfathers are using young women and girls for trafficking. However, members of the law enforcement agencies are in a tough position to curb drug trafficking, but smuggling is a huge consignment of yaba.
Numerous murders have taken place in Ukhiya over the past few months. There have been murders, suicides, beatings and other crimes in different places of Jaliapalanga, including Money Market in Haldiapalanga.
Again, the trend of gambling has increased in different parts of the country. Many people are becoming destitute by gambling with the hard earned money of the day by engaging in these misdeeds. As a result, the crime rate is increasing. Theft, snatching, robbery and other crimes are being committed.
Adverse reactions have occurred in the area as these drug dealers have suddenly become swollen fingers and become banana trees. Ordinary people in the hostage area to their huge illicit money. The Yabar Godfathers are so rich that no one wants to open their mouth against them.
However, most yaba traffickers continue to live illegally as before.
As a result, the youth and students are falling into the trap of death and are on the way to destruction.
Asked about drug trafficking, Ukhiya Police Station Officer-in-Charge Ahmed Sanjur Morshed said the zero tolerance policy against drugs would continue in Ukhiya Upazila. However, he said legal help would be provided to drug traffickers if they wanted to return to normal life.