CBN report:
The 80 kilometers Marine drive of Cox’s Bazar Teknaf highway has been closed for the repairing of its 1.3 kilometers road at the mouth of Marine Drive for supposedly 3 months but now it has been more than 4 months the construction has not seen the lights to be operated again for the commuters .

This is the only physical entry point for the hundreds of vehicles that ploy to go to Ukhiya, Inani, Himchori and Teknaf .

The engineering unit of Bangladesh army has made a different road on the sand by the bank of the bay of Bengal to ease the sufferings of many travelers and make a way for vehicles to ploy on but the journey to use this road depends on the high tide of the sea water .

Hundreds of students have to walk to school on foot and the country is deprived of revenues as the tourist cannot go to the tourist spot for sightseeing which also hampering the local economy massively .

A communiqué was announce by the Cox’s Bazar municipality requesting not ploy any vehicle for next 3 months starting from February 2019 , but the deadline has ended almost 2 months ago still there is no hope of making the road useable till now .

The 80 kilometers long Marine drive was inaugurated by Prime minister Sheikh Hasina as a part of her mega project in Cox’s Bazar on 6th May in 2017 by spending crores of taka .

Some of the parts of the Marine drive has been affected by the sea waves which required to be repaired and to make the road complete again so that the people can use this road again ang go to their destinations.

Now hundreds of vehicles , auto rickshaws and buses are stuck at the sand of the sea shore hampering the smooth movement of the travelers and causing the ecological imbalance .

Many high buildings and inappropriate drainage systems made this road even more difficult to be used for all .

The rain water made big holes in most of the parts of 1.3 kilometers road which is said to be the worst part of the beautiful Marine drive that attracts thousands of tourists from home and abroad .

The guardians of the school going children , the founding president of tour operators Cox’s Bazar SM Kibriya Khan, president of shop owners associations of Dariyanagor Mamun Sawdahagor all expressed their concerns for the slow progress of the construction works .

The authority visited the repairing works few days ago and gave an ultimatum to finish the work in 45 days time .

The Mayor of Cox’s Bazar municipality Mujibar Rahman said ‘ the disputes of the land by the owners have come to an end , the quality of the construction has been checked , hopefully we will be able to finish the work as soon possible ‘ .