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There are some good numbers of dispensaries and doctor’s shops at Kutupalong Bazar near the Rohingya refugee camps run by fake doctors .

There are more than 50 doctors who have been introducing themselves as Bangladeshis and running these illegal dispensaries frequently.

From the far way they look like the professionals ones with apron on them and equipments hanging on their shoulder .

Somehow they obtained the fake certificates and making quick bucks by prescribing the forbidden and low quality medicines to the ignorant patients of the both communities .

These unprofessional medications causing a lot of health problems to the Rohingya refugees and the host communities .

The poor victims know nothing about the quality of the medicines and they have no ideas about the professionalism of the these fake doctors .

There is no one to look after this matter and the fake doctors make the pads by putting their names and the qualification, make attractive digital signboard and continue their illegal businesses for days .

The concern group says , these doctors collect the trade license from Union Parishad , , obtain the fake certificates ,take the diploma, LMAF, DMD, MF, RMP certificates of others and they use it by their own names instead .

Rafiqul Islam , the president of ‘ Ukhiya citizens rights forum’ has urged to take the necessary steps to stop these illegal prescriptions of the medications by those fake doctors .

The alleged fake doctors and their dispensaries are, pharmacy of doctor Khurshed, pharmacy of doctor Selim, pharmacy of doctor Ziabul Haque , pharmacy of doctor Nurul Amin , pharmacy of doctor Joinal , pharmacy of doctor Yasin Mansur and many more .

When the Upazilla Nirbahi Officer of Ukhiya Nikaruzzaman Robin Chowdhury was asked about it , he said ‘ we came to know this illegal pharmacies and the doctors in the past also , some of them have been fined and served the prison term, we conduct the mobile court and we learnt that some of the Rohingyas have been found HIV positive that concerns us all, which makes us to come to a decision at the law and order meeting next month to stop these unhealthy practices . I also heard that one injection is being used 3 to 4 times’ .

When asked , the officer in charge of Ukhiya police station Md. Abul Khair says, ‘ we will soon lead an operation to demolish the alleged pharmacies collaborating with the civil sergeant and health authority along with the administration ‘.