Entered 283 more Rohingyas

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Md.Alamgir Chowdhury,CBN
283 Rohingya of 59 families have entered into Bangladesh since last two days.213 of them from 44 families crossed the border through NAF river and different point Shahporir Dhip under Teknaf Thana on Wednesday last.More 44 families consist of 70 members have arrived on Thursday.
Influx of Rohingyas could not be stopped despite signing Memorandum of Understanding for repatriation and rehabilitation on November 23rd 2017 last year. They are crossing different border points of Teknaf upazila every day.
Senior fisheries officer of Teknaf upazila, Delwar Hossain who is working as representitive of deputy commissioner and in charge of the Hariakhali relief centre said, the Rohingya infiltration is continued even today.they are coming into Bangladesh everyday through various border points of Teknaf thana.283 Rohingyas of 59 families have arrived here till Wednesday and Thursday evening.They were brought to Sabrang Hariakhali relief centre. After giving Rice, Pulse, Suji, Sugar, Oil and Salt, they have been sent to Nayapara Rohingya camp under Teknaf Thana.
On the otherhand,More than 700 people including Rohingya brokers and locals have been arrested and sentenced by the Mobile court since 25th August 2017 for helping to cross border and giving shelter as well as siezed their boat,collected fine from them.Despite all,Some Unscrupulous agents are still facilitating Rohingyas to come Bangladesh.