Md.Alamgir Chowdhury,CBN

A truck of adulterated rice was seized from WFP food stocks at Jilongja under cox’sbazar Sadar Thana while Dealers were supplying lower quality rice to WFP for the Rohingyas at 7pm on Wednesday 14th February 2018.A team led by Noman Hossain prince rushed to the spot and seized the Truck.

Upazila Executive Officer Noman Hossain said, Now WFP is providing food assistance to Rhongyas who fled from Myanmar and Directorate of food is supplying rice to WFP according to agreement with the government.For a long time, there are allegations that very low quality and adulterated rice is being supplied with the help of food officials and some unscrupulous officials of WFPA. Based on this information, A truck of rice was seized from the spot.

The low-grade rice loaded truck has been kept under the administration’s custody.Discussion between Deputy Commissioner and WFP Authority is underway for next step.