CBN  and its glorious path

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The writer is the English correspondent of


Many titles go with CBN such as, it is the first online  news portal of CoxsBazar, most read online news portal, the oldest, the most popular and the most recognsed one too.
The people are fatigue of reading the false and fabricated news that goes in the air all through the air, so a trustworthy and reliable news source is so indispensable to earn the people’s trust,  in this case CBN is your news portal that you can rely on which publishes the news that are variefied and and well documented.
CBN has been with the readers since its inception to promote and brand our beloved Bangladesh as a ‘ Digital Bangladesh ‘.
 Instant breaking news, regular news, articles,  regular features, quality pictures, interviews, social awareness campaign, humanitarian news and neutral reports made CBN one of the best news portals of the country.
The readers are wishing greetings to CBN for its anniversary across the globe.  We on behalf of CBN family along with our editor wish the readers,  Advertisers and wellwishers back. We also promise you that we will be with you all the year and kept you updated with the best possible way we can. Happy anniversary to
The writer is fixer and the English corespondent of CBN.