Md.Alamgir Chowdhury,CBN

“The government is always ready to ensure the healthcare of Rohingyas who fled from Myanmar. The Prime Minister is beside these oppressed Rohingyas from the begining. Apart from the Rohingyas, various vaccinations and food supplies have been ensured for the oppressed children”Said state Minister of Health Zahid Malik while he was visiting the ‘Nutrition Action Week’ program at Balukhali Rohingya Camps on Thursday (16th November).in the meantime,Vitamin A capsules and worms medicines were fed among the Rohingya Children.

Nutritional Action Week has begun at Rohingya camps since 15th November to protect Rohingya children from malnutrition and impairment of health. The program will be continued till 22 November.

State Minister for health, Zahid Malik told that about 59 percent of the Rohingyas who fled from Myanmar are children. 26 percent of these children are suffering from malnutrition, 7.7% of them are suffering from severe undernourishment. From six months to 59 months of age, Children are being given Vitamin A capsules and worms medicines. This program will run throughout the week.

Rohingyas have not died due to health care, Reffering that the minister said, the government has started various activities to improve the physical condition of the Rohingyas as well as mentally retarded.

Bangladesh government will provide health care services as long as the Rohingya will remain in Bangladesh.The international community will have to play the role to start repatriation process as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will not be possible for the government to bear the burden of Rohingyas for a long time.He added.

Divisional Director of Chittagong Health Department Mujibul Haque, Cox’s Bazar Civil Surgeon Abdus Salam were present on the occasion among others.