2,500 Rohingyas entered into Bangladesh today

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10 thousand more are waiting.

Md.Alamgir Chowdhury, CBN

Nearly two and half thousand Rohingyas have entered into Bangladesh from the Anjuman-Para border of Palongkhali under Ukhia Thana. About ten thousand more Rohingya women and men have gathered on the bank of the Naf River to take shelter in Bangladesh.They rushed to the Zero Point in the border areas of Myanmar from different areas of Arakan since Tuesday night.there is no sign of peace, stability and security in Rakhaine state despite huge diplomatic pressure from international community.

Local witnesses have speculated that the additional troops have been deployed today on the occasion of Aung san Suki’s visit in Rakhaine state; they (Rohingya) are crossing the border of Bangladesh on fear of possible military crackdown.

Meanwhile, Palongkhali union chairman Gafur Uddin Chowdhury said many NGOs working here have given mobile phones to the Rohingyas. They are calling their relatives from Myanmar to Bangladesh. 10 thousand Rohingyas came from different areas of Rakhaine state are waiting in Zero line to cross the border of Bangladesh.by confirming the authenticity of the information, Chairman Gafur said that they are in the face of obstruction,most likely after having consent from higher Authority BGB will take them to the camp.