University of Chittagong, 50 years of glory.


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Many said it as the reunion of alumni, many titled it as the 50 years anniversary of the University  of Chittagong and many declared it as the Golden jubilee.

cu-50The massive plans and initiatives had been initiated for last few months.  Finally a two day celebration of the Golden jubilee took place amid much fanfare, extreme enjoyment,sundry funs  and a  tremendous reunion followed by rally, welcome night, musical show,  dinner and massive opening ceremony next day at the central sports ground of the 1700 acres land where the University  that was established in 1966 November 18.

cu-50The colorful rallies  started from the  fine and arts Institute  of Chittagong the port city on first day. Hundreds of students from different batches made the street the most spenlendid  and outstanding ones  in recent time.

Different batch had different dress up, shouting, singing, dancing and booing and it  continued until the Welcome  nights for the former students started at G.E.C  convention hall in the evening.


An alumni of 23rd batch

The dinner was going in one part and the tremendous musical concert where local singer Topon Choudhary, Sandipan, Hoimonti Rokkit and living legend Runa Laila rocked the audience with incredible music took in the other part.

The next day started with the opening of golden jubilee through  video conference by the  Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.


Batch 25 intermingling with batch 35

As a  chief guest speaker of the parliament Shrin Sharmin Choudhary delivered  her speech encouraging the present students and welcomed  the former students along with the specials guests.


Remembering the missing ones

After the lunch the musics started again.  Actually it was one of the greatest moments in our life  because it took us to our nostalgia and it reminded us our old glorious days of our happy moment that we had with all of them in our education life.  Every batch was  well prepared with its own style, plenty of booth for each batch signified it’s existence after all those years.  Many went to their respected faculties , departments and hostels to keep the memories alive as soon as they entered the campus of the University.


Living legend Runa Laila rocked the stage

Among them some of alumni told me that,  “they had come after 35 years’.  As soon as the former students reached at the beloved campus tears rolled down, all were in a flurry of subconscious minds.  Some of them  even flew from abroad, from Canada to Singapore for especially attending the party.  I myself being the alumni of 35th batch along with our friends Asif (management), Imrul (economics)  Atick, Safayet(history) , Joynal(english)  Sukorna (political science) and  with the  rest of the pack  were busy to expose our batch in a different way to accomplish the mission.      The editor of this news Portal Akter Choudhary had a momentous time like thousand other in 23rd batch with his former classmates. Extreme hard works done by Saki Vai along with others who contributed to make it happen which was  the  most successful golden  jubilee in the history of educational institutions said  by the Vice  Chancellor of the University.

cu-50-yearsThirty  thousand students registered officially but thousannds more participated in this mega gala.  Actually it was a celebration of nostalgia,  a celebration of memory,  a celebration of glory, a celebration of our vivid presence  and a celebration of uncountable desires.      Thanks to those all our beloved respected seniors who made it happen finally with incredible success.  Since then we truly  belive this day will never come again in our lives.


A giant pandel at the central play ground

The writer is the English correspondent of coxsbazarnews.Com