Is it another 9/11


– Md. Max
Actually the American voters this time believed that, Muslims are terrorsits, Hispanic creating anarchy in United States, illigal immigrants occupying their lands, letting refugess in, will cause a huge havoc to their land, Iran is a threat, Israel is their faithful ally and Donald Trump is their saviour.
The failure Hilary made,as she has been saying that’ I would like to shelter the Syrian refugees’, on the contrary Donald replied, ‘I won’t allow them here they are terrorist venturing in my country,’ Americans believed. Then Hilary asserted, ‘the Mexicans are scared of deporting, they will live in America, this is their right’ , in reply Donald said ‘Mexicans are drug dealers, I will build a wall between these two neighboring countries, Yankees believed. Hillary again argued’ Muslim are our brothers and our citizens’, in reply Donald emphasized, ‘Muslims are the main culprits’ , the Americans believed. Actually the fights were between humanity and cruelty, between globalization and racism, between open minded politician and a very arrogant man finally between universal brotherhood and Americansm. Hilary persisted that American population is only the 5% of the world so she has to deal with rest of the world to cope with them for the greater prosperity of the American interests. But what Donald believes is, he has Russia, China and money with him so he can solve the problem alone with his rest of the pack. Surprisingly American people supported him, elected him and trusted him and that brought the conflicts, controversies and anarchy everywhere in the world. Since his victory, protests erupted across the globe, share market is in disasters, the phobia prevailing in the minds of Muslims, Hispanic American and immigrants who are millions in numbers. Moreover like Brexit, Calexit I mean California exit is in a full flow. He realized it and as soon as he won he deleted a part from his website that was related to deporting Muslim and entering Muslims. Still after losing Obama invited him at the white house and Hillary said Donald should be given a chance. The most controversial, the most hatred, the most racist and the most arrogant president elect now has got the controls of house, Congress men and senators since 1928. He will pass the bill, appoint the Supreme Court Judge and will look forward to attacking other nations without any obstacles. In his 3 debates Donald spoke about Saudi Arabia couple of time, what made him angry about the Kingdom I don’t know despite Saudi contributions around the world, whenever United nation secretary Ban Ki Moon confessed that to root out the terrorism Saudi Arabia plays an important role. Donald’s agendas, his policies and his promises will bring a negative affects and it had brought a dire consequences already across the globe. It is a matter of great regret that, for years the American people have been raising their voices for the rights of the women, for equal pay and for the participants of women in the arena of politics spontaneously, how they failed to elect a women president in 240 years of history. Among 45 presidents all are men, on the contrary Surprisingly the western people know and believe that the developing countries like


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Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, women are not well treated countries in subcontinent, but we have plenty of women leaders which shows our grear care, trusts, respects to the women. It is good lesson for the Yankees to value the commitments of the women in their country. September eleven was the hardest and most tragic day for the Americans and for the entire humanity indeed that changed the paths of the politics in the world. After twin tower attacks American then president invaded many countries from Afghanistan to Iraq from Pakistan to some other parts of the world despite the huge protests from home and abroad. So this election, the result came on 9/11 also in our calender system like 11th November. The whole world is carefully waiting for the repeated American invasion to any country of the world by the most controversial president Donald Trump . As great president Barack Obama once said whenever Donald can’t control himself to deal with a tweet that how will he lead a nation with nuclear power.