CBN wishes ‘happy new year’ 2017 to its valued readers


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Md. Max

Another year has gone; some of the important days of our lives have been passed.
We are now ready to say goodbye to 2016 which was an eventful, controversial and momentous year indeed for all of us.
From our personal life to international arena this year will be remembered for many reasons.
But first of all, The Coxsbazar news, the first and most read online news portal of tourism city Coxsbazar wishes happy new year and conveys good luck to its readers, well-wishers , advertisers and the people of all walks of life.
For my personal perspective if I want go along with reviewing the year I would like to go with the massive climate changes what I noticed over few years.

Let me start with rainy season, being the fan of rain this year I counted the days that were full of rains, but comparing the year of 2015, the year of 2016 saw a very little rain all through the monsoon .
Over the few years the heat and the temperatures have been risen alarmingly that is why the experts advise us for the protection of the environment by reserving the forest and controlling the environment pollutions.

For our utmost surprises even when the winter came in this year it was not that cold as we expected to be, comparing the past few years.

This city has witnessed some great developments this year from Moheshkali coal projects to inauguration of the rail and from extending international airport to new construction for the marine drive on the way to Coxsbazar Teknaf road along with some sundry projects, so the present government is hailed for these kinds of mega projects.
The nicest eulogies for our country is or in other words if I can say , the country went through peace, tranquility and harmony, as this year there were no strikes, blockades and political unrest which is so satisfactory for all of us .

This the business went well and the rest of the country is going forward and it did not go standstill at last.
Despite all the tremendous developments, one of the incidents traumatized the whole world when some of the extremists killed more than 20 people including the foreigners at Gulshan in Dhaka.

Since then till now the elite forces have taken some extreme measure to root out the terrorism, in some degree I can emphasize that it has successfully brought the culprits to the book to make our country a fine place to breath .
The conflicts in Middle East worried us all through the year, when thousands of civilians have been killed including the children and women in Syria, in Aleppo and when thousand of Rohingaas have been killed brutally by the Myanmar Janata party shocked the world.
These proved that the racisms against the Muslim have been continued .
This year we lost our dear and near ones and we lost some of our favorite personalities from home and abroad that we would admire them in our life time always.

One of the deaths that really made us cry was the death of George Michel.

The death of pop superstar George Michael was a huge blow for us, a great British singer and a great philanthropist died at the end of the year on Christmas day.

One of the saddest event this year witnessed also was, the victory of Donald Trump in the US election defeating the most experienced and the most capable President nominee of the country, Hilary Clinton.

As a result since his victory the protests erupted across the globe.
Despite a lot of controversies and despite passing some bad time this year we can at least expect some better days to come ahead of us in the year 2017.

Finally I might say good bye 2016, and I welcome 2016 along with the readers of this news portal.
We may also hope that , the world would be a better place to live, there won’t be any war, conflicts, corruptions, political unrest, poverty , feminine, conspiracies , terrorism, natural disasters, unnatural deaths and bizarre circumstances.
We wish this year will bring us happiness, prosperity, religious harmony, mental peace, transparency, divine love, wealth and satisfactions.
Goodbye 2016, welcome 2017.
The writer is the English correspondent of