Md. Tauhedul Islam Rafi:
The former VP of ‘DAKSU’ Nurul Haq has been a part of a separate committee by breaking the ‘ Student Rights Council ‘ allegations of ‘ dirty politics with the emotions of the people ‘ against the people.

The organization’s ‘ expelled ‘ joint convenor APM Suhel has announced a new committee of 22-member named ‘ General Student Rights Protection Council ‘.

Today on Thursday afternoon, the National Press Conference of Jahur Hossain Chowdhury Hall of the National Press Club announced the new committee. They also charged Nurul with voluntary allegations. Joint convenor of Nurul Student Rights Council.

APM Suhel has been appointed as convenor and Ismail Samrat as member secretary in the newly formed General Student Rights Protection Council Committee. Syed Samiul Islam is in the post of Joint Secretary.

There are 14 people in the new committee as joint convenor. They are Aminur Rahman, Jalal Ahmed, Abdur Rahim, Aminul Haque, Riyad Hossain, Md. Salim, Shakil Adnan, Nadeem Khan, AKM Rajan Hossain, Saiful Islam, Sajjadur Rahman, Afran Nahid and Jahedul Islam.

Mizanur Rahman, Md. has been made a member of the committee. Siam and Mo. To Junaid. Apart from this, Mohammad Ullah Madhu and Mujammel Miyaji are as advisors.

The leaders who got a place in the new organization committee demanded that they were all in different units of Nurul’s organization (Student Rights Council). But Nurul said, no one was in his organization except Suhel.

At the press conference, Ismail Samrat said, ′′ Dirty politics, financial discrimination, voluntary organisation, undemocratic allegations of sacrificing and bad times, against the rape case of a girl student in Dhaka University, protesting against dirty political attempts They are announcing a new committee for organizational reforms.

The Student Rights Council was renamed by the General Student Rights Conservation Council, which led the Quota Reform Movement, said Ismail Samrat. Principles and ideals also change with name change. Volunteerness is now running in this organization. The image of the person is forced to be pressed. Their characters are same as the current rulers. Different names are tagged when criticized on any subject. Due to democratic opinion, we are taking the organization back to the previous name.

Aminur Rahman, joint convener gave a speech among others in the press conference.

To know about the breakage of his organization, former VP Nurul Haque of Daksur said ′′ No one in the new organization committee except APM Suhel was in my organization. And Suhel was already expelled from the organization. I’m going to be a

Nurul Haque also said, ‘ Our opinion, this work has been done to stress us over the government’s sponsorship or incentive. Our crime is to speak out against various irregularities in the government. But it’s a democratic right for everyone to make a new organization. People will consider which is real and which is fake organization.