Rohingyas agree to return to Myanmar

প্রকাশ: ১৫ অক্টোবর, ২০২০ ০৭:৪১

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Imran Al Mahmud, Ukhiya :
Ordinary Rohingyas in Rohingya camps are not willing to go to Bhasanchar. Ordinary Rohingyas in the Kutupalong camp said they were willing to return if the Myanmar government ensured their safety. The Rohingya were reportedly tortured and looted in Myanmar by the Myanmar army after visiting the Kutupalong camp on Thursday. The Rohingyas said that many Rohingya girls were raped and killed.
Hamid Hossain, a Rohingya from Kutupalong camp, said that they took refuge in Bangladesh on August 25, 2016 in the face of torture by the Myanmar army. He thanked the government of Bangladesh for providing shelter for the sake of humanity. Asked if he was willing to go to Bhasanchar, he said, “We want to go back to our country rather than Bhasanchar.” “We are ready to return to our country, Myanmar, if our demands are met and security is ensured,” he said.
They said they were willing to return to their homeland if they returned land and resources.
Another Rohingya from the Rohingya camp, Mohd. However, at present, as a result of the best efforts of the members of the law enforcement agencies of Bangladesh, the situation is normal and they are able to move without fear, he said. He added that if the returning Rohingya leaders agreed to go after visiting Bhasanchar, the ordinary Rohingyas would also agree to leave. However, if the Myanmar government accepts all the demands, they are more interested in returning to their home country.
However, members of the army, APBN and other law enforcement agencies are deployed for security in the Rohingya camps. Members of the law enforcement agencies are on high alert to deal with any untoward clashes.
Although the Rohingyas have been repeatedly repatriated, the repatriation process has stalled in the face of their demands for invisible reasons. Most Rohingyas are willing to return to their homeland, Rohingyas said.
However, at present a large part of the Rohingyas are involved in various misdeeds. The creation is the terrorist group. Ordinary Rohingyas inside the camp said that these terrorist groups owned huge financial resources. Ordinary Rohingyas can be heard in emotional voices, saying that while fleeing to other countries in the face of persecution, some terrorist groups are desperate to create chaos to spread their dominance inside the camps. However, the Rohingyas agreed to return to Myanmar as soon as possible through bilateral meetings to ensure security.