India is Exporting Onion on 5 Condition

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Md. Tauhedul Islam Rafi :
India has allowed onion export policy to send overnight 20 thousand tonnes of onions abroad, a large portion of which is likely to go to Bangladesh.
The DGFT or Foreign Commerce Department under India’s Ministry of Commerce said in a notice issued on October 9 (Friday), the onion will be sent abroad under five conditions.
The main condition in this is that this onion should not be sent on the road, but on the sea way through Chennai port. And the export process has to end by March 31 of next year.
Export of two species of onions has been allowed for now. Bangalore Rose and Krishnapuram. Both species make a total of 10 thousand tonnes, that is, a total of 20 thousand tonnes of onions have been allowed.
An official from the Ministry of Commerce told the Bangla Tribune on Monday that the 20 thousand tonnes of onions export has been allowed will benefit countries like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. But from India to Bangladesh, onions mainly go on the road, through Benapole and Hili land port. During the Corona virus lockdown, for the first time, wagon filled onions were sent to Bangladesh directly from Nashik.
As a result, to take advantage of India’s new guidelines, Bangladesh onion importers have to bring it to the seaside and send it to India’s exporters via Chennai Port.
Bangalore’s daily species of onions are produced in Karnataka state of India. And Krishnapuram species of onion fruit in Andhra Pradesh.
Before export, you have to obtain a certificate from the Hortical Department of those two states, the amount of onions must be verified from the DGFT Regional Office.
Despite the complications of such conditions, this guidelines will make it possible to export onions from India again to abroad after almost two months. Earlier on September 14, the DGFT issued a surprise notice and announced a completely ban onion export from India.
Without advancing India took this decision, Dhaka at diplomatic level, then protested against Delhi. Now after this new decision of India, it will be a matter to see if the way to send onions to Bangladesh is wide or the price of onions is slightly reduced.