Md. Tauhedul Islam Rafi:
There were 1780 candidates in the 2016 presidential election in the United States. After four years, 1216 people are asking for president in the 2020 election.
The United States is the only country in the world where so many people pray together in the presidential election. And only two people came to the discussion. The Americans got together with the two big parties, Republic and Democratic candidates. And the rest of the people get slipped out of the noise.
However, they are also candidates for the constitutional American election till October 9 by the Federal Election Commission of the country. However, except Trump and Biden, the remaining one thousand 214 candidates are out of the discussion. They couldn’t respond that much. The BBC.
This is not the first time, in the 230 years history of the US presidential system, no one outside the Democrats and Republican candidates has ever made an application.
George Washington has become the first and only independent candidate in this long history to win as US president. This doesn’t mean that no one is a candidate for any other party or individual by being hopeless. Many American presidential candidates every year to lead their own country.
The matter can be predicted by being one thousand 216 candidates this year. No one can make an petition outside Democrats and Republicans even if they can’t lead the country being elected president. Many are able to bring themselves to the discussion. Get some votes too. But at the end of the day, the US presidential post remains reserved for any Democrat or Republican candidate.
Many come to the discussion before becoming a candidate, but don’t become a candidate at the end. Even though the discussion field was heated in the beginning, many including Michael Bloomberg didn’t become the candidate.
Some of the discussed candidates surviving in the competition are former beautyquin, rapper, concert pianist and motivational speaker Jade Simmons, child actor Brooke Pierce and computer programmer and technology specialist Mark Charles.
Jade Simmons says about his prayers, he is competing in unusual times. Because people in the country are not able to do normal business now. Dad was a human rights activist and he built Simmons that way. Her father’s advice to her daughter was – Seeing the unjust situation and injustice, ask yourself if you should be silent. Act the way the mind responds. Simmons wants to have the lowest-cost campaign candidate in this election.
Another candidate child actor Brooke Pierce acted in ‘Mite Ducks’. He has also acted in First Kid Comedy Films. Later he chose his career as a technology entrepreneur. He is also considered a billionaire of cryptocurrency. Pierce said he is concerned about the current situation in the country, about the reason for his election as president. This is why he is fighting in the election with the aim of changing perspective. According to him, you can’t move without a plan. But in 2030, the United States has no plan where they want to see the world. But everyone is drowning in the mud.
Computer programmer and technology specialist Mark Charles is choosing to stay with Americans on social work. Instead of considering religion, he wants to make himself desolate for all people. This candidate wants to fill the votes of the voters who are annoyed with Trump and Biden.