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Muhammad Max

Imdb is the best search option for the movie lovers, you can get everything you need to know about a movie, actor, tv series or film related information.

Apart from these, you can also enjoy trivia, quotes, reviews and goofs of a particular film or series .

In the goofs section, it usually tells you about the mistakes, blunders that the movies make .

Just an example, in the movie ‘Titanic, in ‘ goofs’ section , it says ‘ ‘When Jack throws his cigarette in the water, it disappears before it reaches the end of the screen’.

Recently a lot of words have been spoken, written and discussed on Netflix sensation, the hit film ‘Extraction’ .

According to Imdb on goofs section, it says on extraction that ‘ Saju suffers a badly broken nose, which he stubbornly sets by himself, causing considerable trauma. This wound should cause intense pain for days. Despite this, after talking on the phone with his family, he casually presses his phone and then his hand against his nose, showing no sign of even slight discomfort’.

But here in my this article , my worries are with the presentations of our beloved Bangladesh in the world through this film.

How Bangladesh was introduced in the world of cinema and

how negatively Bangladesh was surfaced in this film really made us all sad.

In my first article on this film I thanked Netflix for making a movie keeping the background of Bangladesh in the plot and I also expressed my satisfaction, when I came to know that, apart from Cricket, Bangladesh is going to be more famous in the world because of the Extraction movie , as it has drew a rich number of people across the globe to watch it .

But Bangladesh has been presented in this film quite wrongly in many prospects.

Just an instance , Instead of showing the world longest sandy beach of Cox’s Bazar , it has shown some of the crowded abbeys and congested roads of dirt and wastages in Bangladesh .

The choice of location was terrible, despite Bangladesh being one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

In Extraction , we saw that , some of the expats are really worried and scared of Bangladeshi top mafia don , in reality it is opposite , the foreigners really feel safe staying in Bangladesh , it is not like the movie ‘ The Midnight Express’ where a real American was caught and kept in the Turkish prison, later he had to escape to buy his freedom.

There are some negatives , flip sides in many countries in the world, as you know many countries cannot cope with basic human rights, a movie plays some important role to show all those terrible mistakes made by some countries .

The brutality of North Korean president was shown in the movie ‘ The spy gone north’

In Mexican real story based films like , ‘Desperado’, ‘once upon a time in Mexico’ starred by beautiful Salma Hayek , the drug kingpins are rampant killers which is very reasonable, relatively true with the movie plot .

But in Extraction the , child labor and child gangs are very visible which is far from the reality in the prospects of Bangladesh .

The crime thriller movie, ‘The City or God’ which is based on true story, is also all about full of child terrorists, those little boys , who are even under 10 carrying the guns in the streets of Brazil, which is very realistic in real life , comparing it Bangladesh is space away.

Another example is in the film ‘ The Town’, starred by ‘Ben Affleck’ depicts the frequent bank robbery in Massachusetts which actually takes place in regular interval in real life .

The dialogue of Extraction is not that standard like the other mafia gang film ‘Goodfellas’ ‘ the Godfather’ , who forgets , ‘ I offer him something he cannot refuge’ or ‘tell me , who approached you…., it insults my intelligence’ of Al Pacino’s famous quotes.

Very simple and hackneyed quotes were heard in this blockbuster film Extraction .

The other frustrating fact is , not even single actor was taken from Bangladesh , which seems a bit partial to us.

The film itself has a simple story that is very predictable, from the first quarter of the running time of the full film, any one could guess what is going to be the end! The kidnapped boy will be rescued after the hardships .

The crowd likes those kinds of movies, where you have to wait till the last minute to know the ending , climax and twist of a film, and the depth of the story.

Just an example, a famous film called ‘ the witness of the prosecution , You don’t know what is going to be happened until you glowed your eyes to the last minute of this famous movie of 1957.

According to IMDB the best movie ever made is ‘ Shawshank Redemption ‘ albeit nobody knew what is going to take place at the end of the film, that is why the audience waited till the end of the film to see the final display of this glorious film. A classic one indeed !

In the war romantic film ‘Atonement’ acted by Khaira Knightly, gave us a disgusting ending, the crowd is not happy at all after watching it till the ‘almost end’, but if you do not watch the last interview of the writer of the same book of the movie itself as made on, , then you are ruined , what a surprise ending , though a sad ending but still remarkable .

If you think Extraction is a mafia film, comparing other great Underworlds movies, it has a place at the bottom for its poor synopsis . Let us talk about the Godfather ‘ the quotes, the action, storyline , the acting, thrill, suspense all occupied this film in a fashionable way .

The film Godfather is so unpredictable that, we had no slightest idea what Michel is going to do, it was beyond our thinking , when we came to know that, he is going to kill his own brother in law.

If the audience realizes the movie from the beginning like the Hindi films, it loses its appeal.

An international film like extraction , gives a country a good reputation but for Bangladesh it worked opposite.

Hollywood or English language film is a good opportunity for someone to be recognized or known internationally .

Charlize Theron won the Academy award which gave her country South Africa a huge credit.

The Austrian Arnold Schwarzenegger became one of the highest paid actors in English language film.

The Irish actor Daniel Day Lewis won the Oscar 3 times being a non American .

South Korean phenomenon ‘ Parasite, took its country in to another level of recognition after winning the surprise academy award for ‘best picture’ category in this year .

Italian actor Roberto Benigni made his country proud when he won an Oscar for his incredible performance in the movie ‘ the life is beautiful’ and his walking on the chair to hold the trophy is now a famous talk in Oscar shows.

In his another film’ The tiger and the Snow’ In Iraq he kept saying, I am Italian, Italian, Italian …. .

We would have good opportunity by making ourselves proud if the story of Extraction would have been made differently, if the location of the filming would have been taken place in nicer parts of the country .

The movies also boost economy in tourism in many ways for a particular place .

The filming of ‘Escape from Alcatraz’ took place at the real Alcatraz penitentiary , now it is a closed prison, but a famous tourist place, on the suburb of San Francisco bay, when the tourists go there, one of the obvious questions they ask is, where is the cell of Clint Eastwood ?

Once in his novel, ‘ The Sands of Time ‘ the famous storyteller ‘Sidney Sheldon’ mentioned about Bangladesh quite nicely with humanitarian gesture .

Another great author, ‘Jack Higgins’ in his action thrilling book ‘ The Khufra Run’ wrote about the war torn city of Dhaka facing challenges in health crisis , the main protagonist wants to build a hospital to help the people in Bangladesh .

Al Pacino in his film ‘ The scent of a woman also said about the Bengal lancers .

This time Extraction failed to introduce Bangladesh as one of the most humanitarian countries in the world, it failed to film in the world longest sandy beach , it also failed to express the perseverance of Bangladeshi people.

A country of peace loving people, can only imagine the mafia underworld like Mumbai, New York and Sicily, not in reality .

The mafia, gangsters movies like ‘Romanzo Criminale’ and Suburra tell the real story of Italy, so the story goes well along with the movie plot, but on the contrary , the conception of a Bangladeshi gang Lord hijacking a son of mafia boss is a ridiculous one.

Karkujia is the fictitious country in the movie, ‘Terminal ‘ starred by ‘Tom Hanks’ also tells a funny story though based on real story where the people want to end the civil war of his country that the main character of the film can get a visa to enter New York .

We are a kind of obsessed with Netflix, not only us the celebrities across the globe are the big fans of Netflix, that is why for his persistent request Brazilian footballer Neymer appeared in the Spanish most watched tv series ‘ The money heist’.

So in the near future if our favorite Netflix comes again to our sacred land for making another master blaster movie , they will consider all my critics that I have written above .


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