We will never forgive you

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The writer is the English correspondent of Coxsbazarnews.com

Muhammad Bin Abdullah Max

We don’t know when you appear, but surprisingly you don’t disappear.

You are not the rapid fire that can be doused by water, you are not the avalanche that can be rescued by the lifesavers .

But, who are you? You are going to be the worst killer of the history.

Yes, you are the invisible killer, you are the silent killer, we never knew who you are, what is your size, you have no descriptions but we realized that, the enemy is at the gate before it is too late.

We didn’t invite you, we don’t want you, because , you kill all walks of life, you don’t spare children, elderly, adults, men, women and animals.

No bombs can kill you, no missiles can damage you, no weapon can destroy you, you are invincible , you are mysterious , you are untouchable .

You don’t destroy architecturally faultless mansion but you killed its residence, you don’t wipe out the bridges, the roads and streets, the cities and towns but your power empties them.

You are so ferocious killer that, the entire world failed to find your existence , failed to address you rightly, failed to fight with you.

You created the biggest penitentiary on earth, the result, the entire population is at home as they are serving their jail term.

Will you ever be forgiven? Of course not, you are destructive murderer, from newborn baby to head of the state are the victims of your heinous crime.

Are you godsend ? We don’t know, are you nature lover, we doubt it, are you messenger , we deny it, then who are you? Nobody knows.

Why did you not stay in your birthplace , why did you travel around the world? Why don’t you stop now? Why don’t you bid us adieu? How long will you prevail? How many lives will you take away? What do you want from us? What massages do you want us to know?

No technology can fight with you, no antibody can replace you, no invention can stop you, you keep going on with the speed of light years, you bring all untimely deaths , you cause all sudden demises.

You have no mercy, you have no heart, you have no pardons, you have no feelings, You have no soul. You have no remedy.

You have no competitors , you have only enemies, you have evil mind, you have killing instinct , you have recklessness , you have cruelty.

You are a red eye monster, you are a windy devil, you are a soulless dictator, you are a brutal ruler.

Crops can’t be grown because of you, oil can’t be exported because of you, business can’t be run for your greedy presence.

Economic fell, regime weakened, people’s lives are at stake for the inhuman role you played for.

We can’t bury our beloved ones accordingly , we can’t meet our dear and near ones as you appear between us, so easily you entered in our vein and start your nasty game.

You forced us to stay home, you forced us to close our economy, you compel us to fear you, the way we never did in our life time.

We also know that , you are angry, because we destroyed our beautiful earth, we engage in wars , we made the people refugees , we compete with each other with deadly weapons , we murder animals , human beings , we chain the innocent , we practice racism, class , religious differences , we hang people , we look for our selflessness .

So this is how you take revenge ?

Finally we came to know you , MR.CORONA!

You Crush human skulls, you take the Oxygen away, you are Renegade, you are Omniscient, you Nail us down, you are the Aviator going all parts of the earth to let us know your mighty existence . You are a moron .

But don’t forget Mr. bloody COVID 19, we overcame many pandemics before you, we fought with many disasters, we defeated many of your siblings came by many disguise whether as the forms of tornados or diseases.

We got away with many bloody wars, feminine, depression , droughts, natural calamities , we survived.

We faced many challenges and had many crisis , we survived .

We walked through the valley of deaths , paths of fire , ways of thunders , streets of crimes, abbeys of darkness , we survived .

Day of doom appeared in front of us, the devil of deaths came before us, the threat of last hour of our lives knocked us , we survived .

Brutalities , dystopian regimes , draconian laws, even manmade cruelty embraced us , but with the help of almighty we survived.

Give us a little time to retaliate you, wait for our sweet revenge, our unsung heroes are on the way to tear you apart, cut you in to pieces.

Because you have weaknesses too, just a fume of soups , covering our faces and keeping social distances and staying home are enough to keep you away from us .

We don’t ask for your mercy , we don’t look for your sympathy , we don’t need to cry for your help , but let us give you a lesson .

A meticulous plan is on the way.

One day you will disappear , you will never come back, but the irreparable loss you caused, the history and we will never forgive you.


Muhammad Bin Abdullah Max. Cox’s Bazar.