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By Iftekhar uddin chowdhury.

Australia is a vast land ,but , economically is highly development and its has many natural resources , most tourist attraction places advances on , educational , & its digital development ,high speed internet .stable polices situation. , all about most advances , development country of the world .. .I t is only nation state that in the world occupies an entire continent .It has no land border with any other country .its population is only 25 million ,its area about 7.617,930 sq km.2 , most low density of people living ,about 7 people living per sqkm. Australia has six colonies & federation state of liberal democratic political system,that function as a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy comprising of six state and several territories .Vicoria ,perth, Queensland Tasmania, Brisbane, Adelaide , is main city . most of the people is living in coastline ,and urbanized ,most r educated , It is a secure ,country , It has many natural resources mining,wildlife, nearly 10000 beaches .It is a multi level culture,multi level national .full of landscapes,forest,it is a commonwealth country,All infrastructure ,such as political,health,education ,electricity ,housing,road ,high way road sytem,is plan way making,it is surprised to see that no traffic jam,no noise,no crowded, no air pullulate ,sewerage is wonderful, and good environment though out the country . people living on various religion believes, Australian in general respect law and order,live withdin frameworks.mostly corruption unseen,offering and receiving bribes is strict penalties,public tram is free in the city,.kangarroo is the their pet animal ,Australia is very advance in It, ,science and technology ,now every consumer ,buyer using digtal cards ,also pubic train,bus,train etc.Australia is consistently ranking about 5-10 world ranking all development works
Australia is beautiful and one of the most liveable country in the world .
About his health,sports,education,digital world.
Travelling is my hobby ,I like to travel for share knowledge and share experiences of various people of the world & ,see the culture on various countries of world .
I had opportunity to visit Australia .it is my long dream ,suddenly my son and his wife sponsorship to us to visit Australia. ,family visa has granted to us to visit Australia.. It was a great and exciting ,wonderful, amazing ,fantastic to us ,it was our first visited Australia to us
Then we are ready go to Australia ,we have boarded Thai international fight from shahjalal international air port Dhaka at 2 clocks ,my brothers ,my son others relative see off to us in the air port ,Dhaka. ,after a 2,half hours fight we have landed savarnabhumi international air port Bangkok .here we have wait 1,half hours ,this air port again check our head bags and body ,now security is very tight every air port anyhow again we r boarded Thai TG 461 fight reroute to Melbourne ,it is big plane aftera 9 hours journey we r landed in the Melbourne International air port ,my son and his wife has received to us in the Melbourne airport ,it is really amazing, pleasant ,exciting journey to us
There is many destination to visit Australia, like Tasmania ,Brisbane ,queesland ,perth
,Adelaide,all has great tourist attraction ,Australia govt and private company million of $ investment for the deployment tourist spot everywhere ,so every year million of million people coming to to Australia as visitor and student ,business purpose . ,by this time we visited Melbourne, and Sydney,It is our family visiting so we have no need to hire guide ,my son always with us and enable to visited all destination in Melbourne ,Sydney,it has many offer to visit many tourist attraction places by this time we have attended our first birth day party of our daughter of law ,Natin, I am briefly describe ,where we have to visited ? enjoyed .
Melbourne is a rapidly growing city of nearly 5 million people,the climate is nice ,good infrastructure ,political stability ,well education ,good business center,good educational places,,and world most livable city .
1, Federation square,
It was established in the year 1960, but redeveloped in the 1990,to srves as a town square for melborne .it is localed opposite from town hall at the conner of swanstion and flinders street, it is a for major culture institution ,including the national gallery of Victoria , ACMI, Australia centre for the moving images, u see here 1st T.V discovery,,SBS,Radio head quarters ,know the history of flim,television,digital culture ,u can eat excellent burgers ,coffee,pizza,.
2,Flinders street station,-it is a iconic building on the of flinder &swanston sreets in the central city ,the central railway station for the train network that services the suburbs of Melbourne .opened 1844,it was the first railway station ,in 1926 it was the world busiest train station
Brief description, that we have visited ,
Queen victora markets,The crown,Docklands,china town,Eureka sky deck,Shrina of remembrances, Melbourne zoo, port Melbourne,Yarra River cruises,Melbourne Museum,st pauls cathedral,cook cottage,south wharf,Royal Botanic garder, The crown,Melbourne zoo, Queen Victora market,–Is the largest open air market in the city ,features many stalls,selling all kinds of items from meat,sea food,fruits,vegetables,souvenirs,cloths,jewelry,shoes,watch, and lot more,we drinks caffe here,
Famous great ocean Road, Phillips island,The twelve apostles,Grampian national parks,
Visited parliament house,one of the oldest and most architecturally distinguished public building ,free guided tour ,it is really wonderful to me .
Phillip island nature parks,
Only one hours drive from Melbourne Phillips island it was offer a spectacular coastal environment with in abundances of Australia wildlife ,wonderful experiences see the magic of little penguin crossing the beach at sun set . others attraction like we visited koala conservation centre,chocolate factory .
Great ocean road,-which begins two hours drive south west of Melbourne ,it is best known road trips,and most exciting ,wonderful drive rugged coastline produces the waves suffed at famous bell beach, this road was build army men who lost their life second war 2, and we also visited 12 aposstles these much instagrammed rock formation are continually eroded by the ocean ,changing we have travel free tram zone in the city if u like travel bus ,train use myki reusable travel cards, public transport u may used ptv cards
Visited port Melbourne
We have enjoyed stroll along the beach sea breeze ,saw the station pier at port melboune and passengers terminals for cruise ships navy ships
Yarra river cruises ,
We have taken wonderful experience from the water ,sightseeing cruise on a ferry enjoyed spectacular views of the city
Royal Botanic gardens – finest kind of the world ,established in 1846, which more than 38 hectares with more than 8,500 species of plants and u we have saw aboriginal heritage walkis,rich heritages of indigenous Australian,
We do not miss Melbourn cricket ground visiting , MCG is considered one of the world greatest stadiums for the 1956 Olympic games, & 2006 commonwealth games
Melbourne star observation wheel ,visited,
Visited state library of Victoria,
Bendigo –Bendigo 1.30 minutes drive from Melbourne,beautiful street all way drive ,smooth speed limited ,camera fitting here we have visited Deborah gold mine with mine hat ,lamp, 85 metrt underground by expert guide it is quite adventured visiting to us ,gold mining project,how gold is exacted from field ?really exciting and most experiences after visit it ,its recovery ? and we have seen bendigo art gallery , visited bendigo all attractive touist spot ,and shopping from gift shop,Taken lunch all of in KFC,DRINKcafee ,
We have been visited all land marks and sights all impressive architecture, laneways , all heritage of Melbourne .
Melbourne to Sydney 1000 km 10 hours drive we r ear ly in the morning we have started to visit Sydney by my son car my son drive the car ,, very nice high way road ,,but limited speed we can not drive 130 mies up in the streets ,it has camera fitting alert the speed, both sides of road very attractive sightseeing ,not traffic jam,we reached sydeny at 6 p.m in Australia time that is 9 t0 10 hrs drive we r booking Olympics parks one flat with all opportunity in the room, we have visited famous opera house , Ha rbour bridge ,ride the ferry to manly,blue mountains,bridge climb,most of the beach,like bondi, others sandy beach we not miss delicious places to eat ,drink ,in the kfc,macdonal ,

The Sydney Opera House is an instantly recognisable Sydney landmark and architectural marvel, but it is also the heart of cultural life in the Harbour City. The Opera House hosts plays, talks, concerts and, of course, opera, and you can even get behind the scenes. A backstage tour gives you access to the corridors and green rooms of the Sydney Opera House usually reserved for musicians and performers. You’ll also learn why this building is such a focal point for Sydneysiders, and secrets you wouldn’t discover by simply photographing the bright white sails. When your tour is over grab a drink or a bite to eat right on the harbour at the popular Opera Bar or Opera Kitchen.

It’s highly unusual for a world city to have so many stunning beaches just minutes from its centre, but in Sydney you can find yourself swimming at a famous stretch of sand such as Bondi Beach or Manly Beach within 25 minutes of leaving your city hotel. Beaches are an integral part of life here: many Sydneysiders wake up, grab a coffee and have a swim in the ocean before going to work in the morning. If you’re heading to Bondi, try a post-swim coffee at Speedos Café, so named after the popular Australian swimwear brand that originated here in 1914.

We have enjoyed climb to the Sydney harboure bridge and dating back to 1932, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of Australia’s grandest engineering feats. Visitors are free to walk or cycle across this
vasstructure, but book a BridgeClimb for the opportunity to scale to the summit and enjoy unbeatable panoramic views. Expeditions will take you high into its arches before reaching its peak, 134 metres (440 feet) above sea level. No special climbing skills are required, and there are various sessions throughout the day, including at twilight and dawn.
As concluding, as I have what about Australia I have seen only two city ,through It is biggest advantages that I wish to elaborate on here that quality of lfe that I have seen aussies ,it is less crime ,good environment ,great infrastructure ,good culture ,affordable health care ,and hosing ,education,,great work life balances,power of strong currency ,lawfulness,abject fear of the law ,trust,
Aussies inherently tend to trust each others ,most corruption free, very much respect to law ,and all pay tax ,
So do u like go to Australia ,temporary, or PR,or tourist,holiday,invest ment business ,student .

Here’s the Step-by-Step process to apply for Australian PR without wasting money on consultants.
Your goal is to reach 65 Points. If you reach 70–75 points, you can get PR within a week as well.
I got mine in 5 days!
Here’s the simplified Table for point
Step 1: Register for IELTS and Prepare
There are other tests that can be used in place for IELTS, such as PTE, but it is compulsory to take an English test.
The good news is that only IELTS General Training Test is required, which is much simpler than Academic Training.IELTS test has 4 components: Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking.
In order to get 10 points towards total score, you need to have at least 7 score in each of the 4 components. And in order to get 20 points towards total score, you need to have at least 8 score in each of the 4 components.
Here are some smart IELTS hacks for you to increase your score by 1–2 Band overnight: Ultimate Guide to Hacking IELTS
Step 2: Skills Assessment from relevant authority.
For Engineering, it’s Engineers Australia. For Computer Science and Software Engineering, it’s ACS.
This is the step to secure 15 points for Bachelors or Masters Degree, and another 5 to 10 points for work.
Once you visit your relevant skills assessment authority’s website, click on ‘Apply For Migration Skills Assessment’ and follow the instructions.
Step 3: Expression of Interest (EOI)
After completing step 1 and 2, you are ready to submit your Expression of Interest (EOI).
EOI is completed online by logging into portal called, SkillSelect.
It is completely FREE to submit and it didn’t take me more than 30 minutes to fill in the information.
Select visa type: Skilled – Independent (Subclass 189)
Enter your IETLS score information, Education qualification, and Employment details.
On the Skills Assessment section, select your occupation, as the one that has been endorsed by relevant authority in Step 2.
No documents are needed to be attached for any proof at this stage but reference number for both IELTS and Skills Assessment has to be provided.
Step 4: Visa Application
You will have 60 days after the EOI acceptance invitation to make a visa application.
Follow this link to Immigration portal.
This step is extremely simple as well.
You just have to submit visa application form online which will take 5 minutes to fill as most of the information will be repeated from EOI.
Then you will attach scanned versions of relevant documents (don’t have to be certified).
Documents Required:
– Positive Skills Assessment evidence
– Age (Passport or Birth Certificate)
– IELTS Result
– Degree & Employment Proof
After about a month, they asked me for Form 80. This was a bit lengthy form to fill in.
Information to fill in form 80:
Residential addresses for last 10 years
Travel history for last 10 years (trick I used to complete this section was to see the stamps and dates of those stamps on my passport)
Internships and part-time work information
Parents and siblings’ basic information (name, date of birth, citizenship)
2-line answer to why I am traveling to Australia, and why do I want to remain in Australia
This part was lengthy but simple and no extra documentary evidence was required.
Once submitted, you will be asked to submit Police Character Certificate and also get Medical check-up done from the designated lab in your city.
And that’s it!

Aer co mpleting Step 4, you will get an awesome email with PR in just a month or two

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