Muhammad MaX :

It is very hard to get a job in this country of ours without the help of nepotism and bribe, the situation gets worse when it occurs to Police while recruitment’s take place .

But you can’t blame all the Police officers to be the corrupt ones, sometimes different sceneries might arise if you have a Police super like ABM Masud Hussain ( BPM) in Cox’s Bazar who is a great personality with his words to be kept .

Police have bad reputations in the minds of general people, people think Police are corrupt and they are not dependable at all .
Though, Police had played an important role in our liberation war in 1971, there were great 7 freedom fighters in Police who sacrificed their lives for the independence of our dear homeland Bangladesh .

The contribution of Police from liberation war to curbing crimes and security can’t be described in words.

A few days ago a circular was announced to appoint 386 TRCs in Cox’s Bazar district alone, it was said that majority supposed to be appointed from the locality.

A committee was formed of 3 members headed by Police Super ABM Masud Hussain .

To make the procedure flawless, he advised all the quarters not to bribe any of the brokers, corrupt people and wrongdoers before the kicks of the tests.

He declared that , ‘only 103 taka will help you to get the job if you have the qualities to face the test’ , he continuously published this declaration on news and social media and on his own verified face book .

He also threatens the to bring the culprits to the book if they try to mislead the appointing TRCs.

He tried his best to keep the procedure corruption free and with his determination , he made it happen successfully.

So the man of words kept his promise which is a great relief for those who really had the abilities to work in this world of police .

753 candidates passed the test out of 1500 candidates. On the process 619 candidates passed the written test and finally 386 candidates had been appointed on the same day after the oral test.

Those who passed and got appointed said that, ‘ out joys knew no bounds to get a job expending only 103 taka, it is more than our expectations ‘.

The man of honor, beloved and popular Police Super Masud Hussain led us by an example and created a history which was unbelievable even a year ago.

Salute to SP ABM Masud Hussain for his incredible tasks.