Md.  Max


His full name is Chad Benjamin Stoltzfus. He is a construction worker and computer engineer from North Carolina USA.


Now he is the most popular foreign person among the Rohingya refugees at camp no. 8, east zone Balukhali, in Ukhiya, Coxs bazaar.


This 23 year old American has been doing some enormous works and an incredible job for the Rohingya community in the camp. He is praised by hundreds of refugees and many locals. His organization, PCCR (plain compassion crisis response) is responding to the influx by collaborating with a renowned local NGO called PHALS for a WASH program at the camp.


Chad has been fixing the damaged and broke tube wells every day with his team, consisting of some Rohingya workers and local translators.


Chad and his team watched a well being fixed one time and since then continued to fix and repair all the tube wells. Now the Rohingya people are steadily getting water. It takes Chad and his team only 40 minutes to fix a tube well. After the well is fixed the long line of Rohingya children, holding their jars, comes to a end, thanks to the hard work of Chad and his team.


To add to his credit he pumps the well for hours to help the Rohingya children get water so they don’t have to pump the water themselves.


He is continually fixing wells, with little rest. Every day he and his team fix 4-5 broken tube wells.


The most persecuted refugees in the world are the Rohingya people who fled Myanmar to save their lives, are extremely happy for his great services to them. Because of the dishonesty and insincerity of the well drillers, the tube wells are broken and remain out of order, for a little while Chad appeared as a hero because he convinced the well drillers to dig good wells.


The people have been saying everyone should follow in his footsteps, and do something, so that their sufferings will come to a end.


Another significant part of his good work is, he gives his own money for the parts needed to fix the tube wells. He and his team haul those supplies through the camp hills by themselves.


Under the scorching heat of the sun he smiles and encourages his local team to keep up the hard work!

Even after he and his team return home, they receive many calls from the camp about broken wells.

They are very respectful to bangledashi law. He tries to finish his job before 4 and leaves camp on time. PCCR moved from Coxs bazaar to Court bazaar to save time, reach camp earlier, and to be able to fix more tube wells. He also enjoys the local people and finds them very hospitable. In the future he hopes to do something for the host community, and is determined to render his service to Bangladesh.


His project manager, Shawn Zimmerman told us ” We are a small NGO. We don’t have fancy staff, expensive cars, and air conditioned homes, all the volunteers who work here are not paid, they come here by spending their own money. ”


Shawn wants the Rohingya refugees to get there rights back and there should be a successful repartition process.


—–The writer is an English correspondent of and he is a fixer at the Rohingya refugee camp.