Will reparations process work ?

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Md. Max

The memorandums between Bangladesh and Myanmar have been signed on . The two neighboring nations struck the instrument in the afternoon following a meeting between Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali and Myanmar’s State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi in the morning at Suu Kyi’s office.

Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali and Myanmar’s Minister for State Counselor’s office Kyauw Tint Swe signed the instrument.

They also exchanged ratification of the boundary agreement 1998.
Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali and Myanmar’s Minister for State Counselor’s office Kyauw Tint Swe signed the instrument.

Minister Mahmood Ali made the disclosure of signing the ‘Arrangement on Return of Displaced Persons from Rakhine State’ after they reached a much-sought consensus on the Rohingya repatriation.

The exodus is a common happening in Myanmar for years but I experienced the first influx in 1992 , those who came here avoid the persecutions from the Myanmar military are still living here, so this is why the questions arise about the effeteness of the reparations process that have been dealt recently .

Since the deal the mass people , NGOs, UN body, international communities and the Rohingya people are doubtful about the success of the agreement .
Following the conversations with different agencies and the people from home and the Rohingya people , I came to a summary that, almost 10 important facts creating confusions about the contract for the reparations .

1. Despite the mounting pressure from the international community and United Nations Myanmar did stop not ‘genocide’ which is termed as textbook ‘ethnic cleansing’ , how will they take same people back home ?

2. If Myanmar starts the process for taking its people back there, in few days they will stop and will give a reason as something came up they need to stop the process for sine die .

3 . If the refugees go back to its respective country then another attack will take place, then Myanmar will find a good excuse to send them back to the bordering country Bangladesh , but the fact is, this attack will be the ‘inside job” that many believe .

4. Myanmar military torched the houses, crops, schools, Madrasas, Mosques , the properties have been taken, if the refuges go back there , then they have to starve , the aid agencies might have not get an access to help them , there will be a famine like situations .

5. Those who came here to save themselves including the children and women , from the atrocities of Myanmar government and military, (many doubt that ) those refugees are not brave enough to go back until the whole world convinces them for their safety and security , rights, medicine facilities and others .

6. The agreement did not clearly say about the rights of citizenship of this ethnic group and it didn’t clear us about the freedom , rights and safety of the Rohingya people , in this circumstances it is very hard to gain confidence of the Rohingya people to convince them to go back to their homeland .

7. It is heard that, Myanmar will repatriate 500 people each day, it means it will take almost 10 years to take all the Rohinhya back which is estimated around 1 million including the old ones , as a result, our little Bangladesh has to carry the burden of these people for a long time .

8. The agreement has been signed without the involvement of big international players , nor UN neither European Union, for this reason many argue that, Myanmar is already ignorant to let the deal to come in to effect , here the diplomacy from Our side did not play its role intelligently .

9. Our prime minister Sheikh Hasina is now known as the mother humanity and she was hailed across the globe for sheltering thousands of Muslim Rohingya , so her government will not put pressure to the refugees to go back to their homes unless the Myanmar authority comes forward to taking its people back, if they think they need to do so .

10. If the reparations process take time, if it delays , Bangladesh and the local people like us will be the worst sufferers, then in future instead of great harmony to live with Rohingya people we might have problems to share our rights with them in many contents , this is why the locals are on rush to send them back .

The way they came here , they have to go back the same way , a long way home .

Above 10 facts are some of the common problems for the process but there are many untold stories and many more important issues to deal with the government of Mynamar of the ongoing crisis of the Rohingya which is already considered as the biggest and fastest growing refugees crisis since the second world war.
If the reparations process really work out nicely then the biggest question is , will the responsible people who committed all those crimes against the humanity ever be tried ? Will Roinhya people get fair trial ? What will happen to those responsible?. The answers remain.

The write is the English correspondent of coxsbazarnews.com and a fixer of the Rohingya camps.